Death of Reality TV

Thank God for the death of reality TV. I can’t tell you how glad I am that reality TV is starting to experience a slow and painful death. If it is not dying, it is at least being relegated to a dark corner of the programming guide where I do not have to deal with it. For the last 10 years, reality TV has just been rammed down my throat so hard that it made me vomit little Real World chunks and left a nasty Amazing Race taste in my mouth. If ever there was a case of over-exposure, reality TV was one.

Don’t get me wrong; there are a couple of reality shows that in their infancy were entertaining. I was part of the early Survivor fandom, it lasted 1 ½ years. Then I realized hey, this is exactly the same as last year and quickly my interest began to wane. I think that one of the things that annoys me the most about reality TV is the name. What a ridiculous name, as if there is any semblance of reality being filmed by the 8 crew members following these people around 24 hours a day. Is the public really supposed to believe that what we are watching is the normal day to day lives of these people and that if the cameras were not there, the same hi-jinks would be playing out. For God’s sake people, if that’s true then the Earth should just open up and swallow most of you whole in order to save the rest of us. Case and point “New York” from Flava of Love. If that woman acts that way when the cameras are not on, then she is walking proof that the mentally deranged still roam freely among us.

But alas, reality TV is writhing in death throes and my faith in television is slowly being restored. With the fall lineup I find that every day of the week, I have at least one show to look forward to. Some days are a little more overloaded than others, but thanks to the miracle of DVR this is no longer a problem. I can merely stretch the shows out over the course of the week. Here is my current list of can’t miss shows.


Monday – Chuck, Heroes

Tuesday – Slot not yet filled

Wednesday – Bionic Woman

Thursday – The Office

Friday – The Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight, Numbers


This is not a comprehensive list of the shows I am currently watching, it is merely the ones that I make it a point to keep up with on a daily basis. As you can see, I have plenty of room in my weekly schedule for more content, if you have any suggestions about shows that I need to check out please let me know. I still try to mix in some new Flash Gordon, Dr. Who, Smallville from time to time. Here is my beef with Smallville, when it first came out I was pumped, being the comic geek that I am. There are things that I really enjoy about Smallville even though it is not entirely true to the comics. I really enjoy the cameo appearances from other Justice League members, great stuff. My problem with Smallville is that it went from being comic based drama to 90210 where Dylan is an evil villain and Brandon has superpowers he uses occasionally. I really didn’t expect Smallville to take the evening soap opera turn that it did but there are those who say I should have seen it coming.

Anyway, all wounds heal with time, and Heroes and Clair Bennet can attest to my healing. I can’t remember being as pumped about a show as I get weekly about Heroes. Peter Petrelli is my hero. If they do not launch a full fledged comic book version spin-off, I will be disappointed and surprised. The graphic novels are great, but there is an untapped market here. I won’t go into too much Heroes chatter here, that is a topic unto it’s own to be visited later.

I will close this post with my Eulogy to Reality TV:


Reality TV, what can be said about you that has not already been cried or screamed about in a confessional booth somewhere. We have had our good times, like Puck from the Real world finally dropping off the face of the Earth, and our bad times like every time Kendra opens her mouth on Girl’s Next Door. All in all I have to say that your contribution to society was infinitesimal and in another 10 years you will be viewed along with the likes of 70’s roller dancing, 80’s hair do’s, and 90’s flannel… a fad that could not have ended too soon. I hope that in your final moments you were able to come to terms with the fact that you were a large contributor to the de-evolution of our society and that as you rot in hell, those of us who enjoy quality programming will be dancing on your grave. Goodbye Reality TV and good riddance.


3 Responses to Death of Reality TV

  1. NerdGirl says:

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by Nerdgirlsspace! I have to admit to loving Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels and Big Brother. But shhh. Dont tell anyone… =)

    I just rented the entire first season of Dexter. Have you seen it? I wholeheartedly recommend it. Google it at least.

  2. Daddy Dan says:

    Hey, I agree with you for the most part on reality TV. The one reality show I still can’t miss and can’t wait for (it doesn’t come back until January) is The Amazing Race. As for the rest of the shows, good riddance.

  3. bc3263827 says:

    I haven’t seen Dexter yet, if I am correct, it comes on HBO which I don’t get. I am not to familiar with the show, what is it about?

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