Candy Corn, A Nosefull of Sweetness

   Is there anything that says Halloween like the smell of Candy Corn. I don’t know what it is about Candy Corn but when I smell it I am reminded of Halloween, Jack-O-Lanterns, all that stuff. I don’t even really like to eat Candy Corn that much, but every year, I try to have a bowl of it just sitting around, just so I can smell it when I walk in the room.

I think my earliest memory of Candy Corn is my grandfather’s house. If I remember right, he liked Candy Corn and he always had it sitting in a bowl on the coffee table in front of his fireplace. When I was little we spent a lot of time at his house, for some reason, I seem to associate fall, the weather changing and Halloween, with the Candy Corn that sat on his coffee table. He died 4 years ago, but I still think of that. It’s funny what unusual things can have such strong associations even years later.


2 Responses to Candy Corn, A Nosefull of Sweetness

  1. worshipcity says:

    Oh man, I am all over this with you. The problem I have too is that I think I like to eat them too until I get a handful in. Then I remember, ugh, these things taste like wax!

    But I enjoy smelling a bowl full of candy corn!!

  2. bc3263827 says:

    Isn’t it weird how that works? Thanks for the comment, at least now I don’t feel quite so stupid buying a bowl full of candy that sits on the table and never gets eaten.

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