Chuck, Where’s Your Girl?

** Spoiler Warning, this post discusses plotlines that include episodes of each show up to the episodes that aired in the US the week of October 21 through 27th. **

Chuck airs on NBC Monday nights 7:00pm CST

   This week Chuck finds himself try to help a Chinese spy rescue herself from an evil crime-lord with connections to the Chinese mafia. Chuck feels obligated to help her because he inadvertently foiled her previous attempt to save her brother by mis-interpreting his intercept information.

   This was a very entertaining episode. I have been hoping for the past few weeks that they would continue to do more scenes with Casey. He is a great comic relief for this series. In addition Morgan had his own plotline carrying through the episode this week that was very entertaining, especially in his dealings with Chuck’s sister. I did miss the weekly dose of Captain Awesome however.

   I was pretty surprised at how little Sarah was in this weeks episode, especially because of the way they ended last weeks episode. At the end of last weeks episode, the CIA spy-girl that was a rival of Sarah’s comes on to Chuck… when he asks her about it, she says that she just likes taking what Sarah wants, or something to that effect. Insinuating that Sarah was falling for Chuck, this plays on top of the last 3 weeks were slowly Chuck is realizing that he was falling for Sarah. With all of those scenes piling up and then culminating in the realization that Sarah was falling for Chuck as well, I was very surprised that she was practically non-existent in this week’s episode.

   This might all be resolved to some extent next week as the previews for the episode indicate that Chuck will make a move on Sarah, we’ll see.

   I just want to make my prediction now, I am predicting that in the last episode before the break for the holidays, Chuck and Sarah will either kiss, or she will be mortally wounded or both.


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