Ghost Whisperer – Why they call it the boob tube

** Spoiler Warning, this post discusses plotlines that include episodes of each show up to the episodes that aired in the US the week of October 21 through 27th. **


Ghost Whisperer airs on Friday

   I have decided to start covering another show that I watch, Ghost Whisperer, also known as “look at my boobs”. I enjoy this show, from a story perspective, each week is a little bit different in Melinda’s adventures. The ongoing plot lines are always taking exciting twists, I also can’t say enough about Jay Mohr’s weekly contribution the guy cracks me up, he also does great on sports radio filling in for Jim Rome and is a good columnist as well. Anyway, I say all that to show that the writing is very good, however, the shameless parading of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s figure on a weekly basis is really unnecessary. She does a good job making the character believable through her acting, the righting is good, and there really isn’t a need for all the boob shots and low-cut wardrobe.

   This week, Melinda helps a woman who turns out to be a distant relative. One who had the same abilities as her long ago and tried to warn the town about a plague so to speak. She was taken away and though mad and consequently many people died. It turns out that the part of town that suffered the most was literally buried. They built the existing town right on top of it. One of the entrances to this town is through the City Hall records room, which explains the paranormal activities down there. In addition there is an entrance through the basement to Melinda’s shop.

   We get a little more of the storyline between Melinda’s father and half-brother. We find out that her father did in fact have another family. We find out at the end of the episode that Melinda’s father and half-brother are working together trying to steer her down a certain path. At this point we are not sure what that path is, but they do have a menacing aura about them and seem to indicate that if she refuses to help them they will do “something”. We will have to wait as this unfolds. I don’t really have an idea at this point where this plot line is going to go, I will offer a prediction anyhow… pregnancy. Somewhere down the line this season I predict a pregnancy of some kind for Melinda and I think that her father and half-brother are here because of that.


One Response to Ghost Whisperer – Why they call it the boob tube

  1. Adam says:

    I’m reading your blog in reverse chronological order. So, you see it, too, don’tcha? I think Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant, so they’ll eventually have to work this in to her character if they wish to continue filming and airing the show.

    All those rumors of cancellation appear to be dispelled by a statement at the “Ghost Whisperer” Wikipedia article which says the show has survived the writer’s strike with 6 new episodes to be aired between early April 2008 and season’s end, and with a contract for a full 4th season 2008-09.

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