The Office – 5 seconds of fame

** Spoiler Warning, this post discusses plotlines that include episodes of each show up to the episodes that aired in the US the week of October 21 through 27th. **

The Office airs on Thursdays

   The Office was stellar as usual. The folks at Dunder Mifflin create their own commercial to air on local television. Dwight gets a hint that Angela might still be pining for him and there is a little foreshadowing that Pam might be breaking out of her receptionist role. I am going to predict right here that she will get “discovered” for her graphic art talents and her promotion and relocation will be the major strain on her relationship with Jim that plays out for the rest of the season.

   Highlights from the show are:


When Michael asks Pam to clear his phone lines…


Randy’s inability to remember the end of the Kit-Kat jingle that plagues him.


Michael telling Daryl he hates his commercial song.


Dwight’s second life character that is a paper salesman who can fly.


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