This Week in Television

** Spoiler Warning, this post discusses plotlines that include episodes of each show up to the episodes that aired in the US the week of October 21 through 27th. **


   Weekly Recap

   I will be discussing the television shows that I watch each week, offering plot synopsis, predictions, comments, and general information and news. Some weeks I might cover a number of shows in one post, however, this week as I started writing I realized that it was going to be a monstrous post and many people would have to read through hundreds of words of my mindless babble to get to the shows they were interested in so I have broken it down into a number of posts. The shows currently include Heroes, Chuck, Bionic Woman, The Office, Ghost Whisperer and Moonlight. I have not finished watching this weeks Moonlight I am ashamed to say, so this review will come later in the week. 


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