Chuck – Stanford’s Most Likely to be a CIA Operative

**Spoiler Alert – This article discusses the Chuck episode “Chuck versus the Alma Mater” Aired 11/05/07**


So once again, Sarah is all but non-existent in this episode. More and more we are seeing a departure from the first 4 episodes that appeared to center around the relationship between Sarah and Chuck and now she makes occasional appearances in scenes throughout the episode. Chuck is becoming more and more a one man show, even in terms of the Spy and espionage portion of the show. It seems that lately Chuck finds the problem and through a series of comedic circumstances finds out the solution and saves the day, Sarah and Casey just show up to be the muscle and clean up the mess.

I have to say that I am a little disappointed with the turn the structure of the show has taken. Now it seems that the writers are trying to justify this turn of events with the latest episode. We find out that Chuck was actually supposed to be a CIA recruit. He was going to be their all-star field agent. The only thing that prevented this was his friend Bryce. We find out that Bryce only “betrayed” him in an effort to protect him from the CIA and keep him safe. However, Chuck’s ability to retain data stored in images was the reason that the CIA wanted him as an agent and ultimately was the reason that Bryce sent him the Intercept data.

So now the writers are laying the groundwork for Chuck to become the clumsy super-spy in my opinion. I think it is a mistake to take the show in this direction, I don’t think that anybody really wants to see Chuck kicking open doors or running around guns-a-blazin’.

I also thought that Sarah’s reaction to the Bryce revelation was confusing. She walks out into the hallway and pauses, tears welling up in her eyes. I couldn’t figure out what her thought process was.

  • Was she even more confused about her feelings towards Chuck?
  • Was she sad to have seen videos of Bryce the guy she loved?
  • Was she relieved to find out that not everything bad she had heard about Bryce was true?
  • Was she sad to know that Chuck was supposed to be a spy?
  • Was she sad for Chuck that his world was turning upside down?

Can anyone shed some light on this?


So then, after the episode we see the previews for next weeks episode that seems to be all about Chuck and Sarah’s complicated relationship. After 3 weeks of Sarah being a side-note in the script margins, now we are supposed to believe that the show is still really about the relationship between her and Chuck.

I really like this show, I just want them to kind of narrow in the focus a little bit, I feel like even though every episode is greatly entertaining, they don’t fit together very well in the “big picture” sense.

Other than that, I was very happy to see the return of “captain awesome” he is great. I also enjoyed the Lord of The Rings plotline hugely entertaining; especially when Harry Tang stands on the Ladder and talks about “one remote to rule them all” it was “awesome”.


2 Responses to Chuck – Stanford’s Most Likely to be a CIA Operative

  1. range says:

    I think that Sarah was just relieved to find out that Bryce might have had a reason to steal the intersect. He isn’t all bad. She must have felt like crap going out with a guy who is assumed as being a traitor.

  2. bc3263827 says:

    That’s true, I hadn’t thought about that, and if that’s the case she might have felt like “well, if he isn’t a traitor it is that much harder to have lost him.”

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