Smallville – Kara, No Longer Daddy’s Girl

**Spoiler Alert – This article discusses Smallville episode “Lara” which aired 11/01/07.**


Smallville – Lara

I was pretty happy with this week’s episode of Smallville. Lana is starting to slip up a little bit as all rookie villains do. She is not as skillful in hiding her tracks and being invisible like the Luthors are; she is showing promise though. This episode actually revolved around Clark and Kara’s relationship. It brought out the truth about Kara’s father and how the bad things that Clark had been told about him might actually be true; kind of a loss of innocence episode for Clark’s cousin.

I thought it was great that Helen Slater (original Supergirl) played a cameo as Clark’s biological mother. Those kind’s of cameos make the series fun.

Kara spent this episode trying to retrieve her crystal, given to her by her father. It is all she has left of her home-world (Krypton) and her family. In her attempts to retrieve the crystal that has been taken by the government, she is captured. A form of Kryptonite is injected in her veins which forces her to relive certain memories that she had blocked out. It is during this visit into her subconscious that we see interactions between her and her aunt (Clark’s Mom) as they visit Earth prior to Clark’s birth. His mom wants to see the place that her son will be growing up and wants to learn about the family that will raise him. It is touching, nice to see his mom having some interaction with the Kent family and being a part of Clark’s life on Earth in some small way. Clark’s mom hides a photo of herself in the Kent home which Clark finds at the end of the episode making another connection with his long lost mother.

When it is all said and done, both Clark and Kara have a better understanding of each other and are brought closer together in a familial sense. We also see the stirrings of a possible relationship between Jimmy Olson and Kara. Chloe, lost your chance, now you are going to have to win him back.

I wonder if Chloe’s investigation of Lana’s foundation will ultimately put her in danger. Will we see Lana attempt to harm Chloe, I think it is coming around the bend and I can guarantee that Clark will be smack-dab in the middle. Mark my words in less than 3 weeks Chloe is going to unearth some bad news about Lana that she takes to Clark and we will see this triangle start to cause quite a bit of conflict.

We will have to wait and see, as I am getting back into Smallville after a long hiatus I am going to take it easy on the predictions for a while until I am back in the swing of things.


2 Responses to Smallville – Kara, No Longer Daddy’s Girl

  1. klytus says:

    What, you told me this show was crap, now I find out you have a blog….”There’s tear gas gernades in Halo 3″,,,, Im gonna go update my blog….. Dude good writing. Maybe I’ll run into you some time in this lifetime.Stranger things have happened…Hey you look like some guy at work….

  2. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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