Chuck – Girls Fighting Over a Geeky Guy, I Love TV!

In the episode description for next weeks Chuck, I found out that Rachel Bilson images.jpg will be making a guest appearance as a person of interest for Chuck. Sarah finds out about it and goes into full on spy chick jealousy mode.

   As these two women battle over Chuck’s affections we will see the emergence of the secret identity complex. Can I have a normal life and still be an uber-spy? Of course you can but remember, the bad guys will always kidnap your girlfriend anytime you irritate them.

   Plus, there is nothing like the introduction of a new woman in Chuck’s life to get Sarah to really start analyzing how she feels about Chuck. There will probably be some kind of plotline where Sarah thinks that Lou (Rachel Bilson’s Character) is an evil spy of some kind and try and keep Chuck away from her. Then she will realize she is not an evil-doer just a girl and then she will have a meaningful conversation with someone (probably not Casey) in which she figures out that her jealousy stems from her growing feelings for Chuck.

   Will this lead to a revelation of feelings between the two, who knows, I am inclined to think not. Oh and in the end Lou might turn out to be a villain after all. Or we might find out that Rachel Bilson will have a recurring role as perhaps a new love interest for Chuck. We will have to wait and see.


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