I Miss the Dresden Files

   I miss the Dresden Files. I was thinking about my upcoming weekend, it used to be that I capped off the weekend by watching the Dresden Files on the SciFi channel on Sunday nights. This was a great crime drama centered around the premise that a modern day wizard could help the local PD solve murders through magic. Often times it turned out that the crimes themselves were of a magical nature. The series was based on a book series written by Jim Butcher. The show was fantastic, I thought the acting was very good, even the effects were pretty impressive for a TV budget. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after the first season, a short season at that. I believe there were less than 15 episodes. It kills me because I really think the series would have had mass media appeal, I thought surely it would have done well on an NBC or CBS, maybe not in prime-time but certainly in a 9pm time slot.

Well, maybe the show will be revived somewhere down the road, I certainly hope so because the show was great and Jim Butcher’s premise was awesome.


One Response to I Miss the Dresden Files

  1. Zarina says:

    Just wanted you to know that I know how you feel & that we’re doing our best to get it back! 🙂

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