The Office – Only the Strong Survive

The Office this week was hilarious. Many laugh out loud moments. Michael is feeling left out, Ryan invited a number of regional managers and Toby to go on a men’s camping adventure in order to get to know them better. Michael was not invited and as can be expected, is not taking it too well. As Toby recounts stories from their trip Michael gets more and more aggravated until he decides to go on his own camping trip.

Initially, Michael tries to convince Jim to go camping with him. This is a great scene where Michael asks Jim a “hypothetical question”. Jim’s comment about always responding yes to Michael’s hypothetical questions and then being too busy to follow through was great, especially when his excuse for not going camping was that he was going to give blood.

At this point Michael decides that he is not going to go cushy camping, he is going to do it survivor man style. He tells Dwight that he is going to have him take him out into the Pennsylvania wilderness and leave him for 2 days and that he is going to try and survive off the land. All he needs is a knife and some duct tape. Dwight returns immediately with an assortment of knives, “I have an assortment of weapons stashed strategically throughout the office” – Dwight.

While Michael is gone he leaves Jim in charge of the office and he is immediately asked to resolve the birthday issue. There are four employees with birthdays in the next 3 weeks and Jim attempts to have one birthday party for all of them rather than having a number of different parties. This causes an uproar as each employee wants their own cake and complains about being gypped out of their own party.

The funniest scene of last nights episode was the drive out to the Pennsylvania wilderness when Michael explains that they are simulating a crisis situation in which Dwight is kidnapping Michael and driving him out to the woods to murder him. Michael will somehow survive/ escape and have to make it in the wilderness on his own for 2 days. Dwight insists that if he were kidnapping Michael to murder him, he would never survive, “ I would make sure you were dead, then I would remove your fingers and cut off your fingertips so they could never identify and they would call me the ‘Overkill Killer’”. Then after Michael blindfolds himself, Dwight starts to beat him with a shoe as they speed down the highway to try and knock Michael unconscious so he can’t find his way out of the wilderness.

Meanwhile Jim realizes that the birthday party is quickly becoming a fiasco and tells the employees that perhaps they should just forget the whole thing, one of the employees has a Freudian slip and calls him Michael. Jim’s reaction is priceless, just as funny as when Meredith offered to give him a ride home after the Christmas party. Obviously, the idea that he is similar to Michael in any way is petrifying.

Michael’s time in the wilderness is a great parody of a typical Survivorman episode. If you have not seen the actual survivorman show, it airs on Discovery and is definitely worth checking out. It culminates in Michael eating a handful of poisonous mushrooms and Dwight running from the bushes to save his life.

In the end the birthday party is a relative success, Michael returns unscathed and he and Jim share an uncomfortable conversation that outlines how many ways Jim is in fact just like Michael and is destined to follow in his footsteps.


Memorable quotes:

Michael – “I hope to return from this trip a completely changed man.”
Jim – “That would be great.”

Toby – “No More Smores.”

Michael/ Jim – “That’s what she said.”


2 Responses to The Office – Only the Strong Survive

  1. worshipcity says:

    Oh great stuff dude! Love Office recaps!

  2. hollygoodnews says:

    Thanks for stopping by. I love The Office and I enjoyed reading your recap. Although this wasn’t my favorite episode of the season, you reminded me that there were some really funny parts. My favorite–“The Overkill Killer” Love it!!

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