Smallville – The Fall of Lana Lang

Smallville – Wrath aired in the US 11/08/07


In this episode Lana takes another step towards super-villaindom. In a freak accident in which Lana and Clark are both struck by lightning while Lana is holding a meteor, Lana receives Clark’s powers. This time around Clark actually keeps his powers, but now Lana has them as well. Of course one of the first things that they do is have super-sex, wouldn’t you? It actually causes seismic tremors throughout Smallville; as if Superman needs a reason to feed his ego. However, it did serve its purpose; it was a shameless way to introduce Chloe into the situation. She quickly finds out that Lana has attained Clark’s powers and warns her about the hazards involved, namely orgasmic earthquakes.

Chloe has a one-on-one girl chat with Lana about having these powers. Lana goes a little nuts and starts talking about using these powers to spy on people and do all kinds of uber-spy stuff. Chloe’s reaction was not nearly as freaked out as it should have been in my opinion but I guess by this point Chloe has seen and heard it all.

One of the first things that Lana does is go to her command central and do some spying on Lex. While doing so, she see’s him and one of his researchers discussing the meteor dust…


Meteor dust – this meteor dust apparently is evolving, it is no longer even dust, it has transformed into liquid and is showing signs of being a sentient being.


Lana breaks into Lex’s house and steals a hard drive containing all of the data and reports regarding this dust. She then takes it to Lois and the Daily Planet to try and get them to run the story portraying Lex as the bad guy they all think he still is. The Daily Planet refuses to run the story based on the stolen hard-drive. In the argument Lana get’s mad and kicks Lois through a window. Cool scene but completely unnecessary, which is compounded by other pointless Lois events I will discuss in a minute.

When Lana sees that she will get no help from the Planet she decides that she is going to take matters into her own hands and goes after Lex.


Side Note: Lois goes to the hospital for her injuries, then is immediately seen sneaking out of the hospital. Why go to the hospital and then immediately sneak out? It did however, lead to a scene between Lois and the chief of the Dailey Planet and long story short, by the end of the episode they are kissing. I won’t go into any more detail because it was completely irrelevant to everything else about this episode and was not very well written.


Meanwhile, back at the farm, Clark and Lex have a conversation regarding Lana and Clark’s ability to trust her. Lex tells him about the Isis foundation and how Lana broke into his home and stole from him, etc. He then goads Clark about how Lana can’t seem to stay away from him and still as feelings for him. Clark at this point realized that there are some things about Lana that he doesn’t know. He goes to check out the Isis foundation with Chloe and finds the secret super-villain lair. Clark and Chloe have a minor freak out and use Lana’s equipment to track her to Lex.

Here is where Lana becomes a bad, bad girl. It was very awesome to see her with Clark’s powers whooping up on Lex. It is the best scene of the show, not because we saw Lana tossing Lex around; it was an awesome scene because we see Lex begin to play mind games with Lana pushing her towards the super-villain side. At one point he tries to convince her that he is researching the aliens in order to be able to protect humanity in the long run. It is a classic; “I am doing what I have to do” very ends justify the means conversation. That is the cornerstone of a super-villains fall to evil. There is always a scenario where they have to cross the moral line to protect someone they love. That is usually what puts them over the edge. It ended surprisingly with Lex talking to Lana about how she can’t keep away from him because he “understands” her, they “understand” each other and then Lex starts kissing Lana, let me add that for a girl with Super-human powers, she didn’t put up much of a fight from the kiss.

Clark shows up and saves the day, typically, he also manages to reverse the accident that gave Lana his powers but not before another great dialogue between Lana and Clark. One in which she basically calls Clark a coward. She tells him that all of the things that she has been doing, kidnapping Lionel, attacking Lex were all efforts to “clean up [his] mess”. She tells Clark that if he had the guts to take care of Lex a long time ago that none of this would have happened. She says that he hides behind his farm and small town life so he doesn’t have to be proactive against people like Lex.

During the struggle the Super-liquid that they were researching gets loose and is seen later in the show attaching to a lab tech. It was very reminiscent of Venom/Spiderman kind of thing. I was a little disappointed but I don’t really know how else they would have utilized the liquid if it didn’t eventually take control over someone’s body.

Of course when it is all said and done, everything gets blamed on the meteor and Clark and Lana make up. Lana just wants to know that no matter what happens Clark will still love her. The episode ends before he actually gives her an answer. I don’t know if we were to assume that they went and had “not-quite” super sex, or if maybe some irreparable damage has been done that Clark needs to think about. I think that this is another insight into the fall of Lana Lane. I think that this notion of, Clark will not ever do what is necessary and it is up to me is something that we will continue to see develop.

Chloe talks to Lana about what happened and expresses her concern that all of Lana’s actions over the past few months is detrimental to Clark and that she will not let Lana do anything that will destroy Clark. It is one of those classic “claws-out”, don’t mess with me moments on the part of both women. I really think that Chloe is in for a Lana-whooping pretty soon.

I had previously predicted that Chloe and Lana would end up at odds over the foundation, which did not play out how I thought. Clark found out about the foundation and Lana’s spying much sooner than I anticipated, but trust me everything I see points towards a war between Chloe and Lana. I am reaching here but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Chloe-Lana war blow up, Clark will take Lana’s side and Chloe will end up having to go to Lex for help. Lex will absolutely help her and will try and use the situation to get Lana back.


Recap: Lana takes another step towards super-villaindom. We find out that Lana feels obligated to clean up Clark’s mess. Chloe threatens Lana. Super liquid gets away and possesses lab tech.


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    Wow, what can I say, well written unknown stranger..

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