Ghost Whisperer – The Mighty Casey

Ghost Whisperer – Unhappy Medium aired 11/09/07

Unfortunately, due to a mix up in my DVR recorder, I missed the first 15 minutes of this episode. I came in when Melinda was in what appeared to be a book store checking up on Casey (Orlando Jones) the psychic.

A young woman was missing; it was not yet known whether or not she was dead. The celebrity psychic had been brought in to try and locate her. Casey is a psychic only in name. His actual ability is reading people, noticing small details that he uses to derive a lot of information about people kind of like profiling. He figures out what they need to hear and that’s what he tells them. He gives people closure and has used that to turn himself into an author and celebrity.

He is using the disappearance of this girl as a boost to his career. Obviously, Melinda takes offense to this. However, since neither of them really has any evidence to go on, they decide to work together.

This was a very good episode; I thought that I had the plot figured out. Even though I missed the first 15 minutes, 30 minutes in, I though I new exactly what the outcome would be. I was right to some degree but the plot took a nice turn at the end. I thought that the ugly duckling sister was behind the disappearance of the girl and ultimately her killer. I thought it was a case of “mommy loved you more, I am gonna get even” syndrome.

It turns out that the sister was responsible for the disappearance, but she was doing it as an intervention to detox her sister. The sister escaped her confinement and was killed in an accident.

Melinda and Casey discover this through a combination of his knowledge of how the paranormal works in theory and her real world knowledge of the afterlife and how her gift works. I think that the interaction between Casey and Melinda was fantastic. I would love for Orlando Jones’ character to become a repeat guest. I though he was great.

Of course in the end the fraud psychic sees how his practice could in some instances cause harm and takes some steps to mend his ways.

Wardrobe notes: I thought that Melinda’s wardrobe in this episode was surprisingly modest. The second and third act she was clothed in a long sleeve shirt, sweater, jeans and sneakers. I have to admit it almost made me eat my word from my previous post, but I didn’t. I didn’t because of the mountain of material prior to this episode that could be used to prove my point.

Overall, it was a great episode, it did not do much to further the ongoing plot about Melinda’s father and brother, but as a stand-alone episode it was pretty good.


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