Chuck – Rachel Bilson and Sandwiches!

Chuck vs The Truth – 11/12/07 NBC
Doesn’t it always seem that when you aren’t available that the members of the opposite sex come crawling out of the woodwork showing interest in you; poor Chuck and Lou. Chuck, this week, is finding it hard to adjust to life as a spy. This is understandable learning to adjust to being a spy is a little bit different than trying to adjust to a new pair of glasses or having to wear a tie to work everyday. What’s making things the most difficult is all the lies and secrets. Chuck makes a comment on this early in the episode as he watches a nuclear scientist collapse in front of him and gets rushed to the hospital with his sister at the man’s side. Chuck tells Sarah something to the effect of “I am getting too comfortable with this.” He is upset because he never thought the sight of death and espionage would be something he would adjust to. It is set against a different backdrop this week because as the scientist is rushed to the hospital he slips a computer chip with Top-Secret codes into his sister’s pocket, putting his sister in the path of a ruthless mercenary. I can see how this would be an upsetting way to end dinner.

In this episode we also take a cold hard look at Chuck and Sarah’s faux-relationship. Captain Awesome has a triumphant return after a few weeks of being underground. He encourages Chuck that it is time to “Oil up the bicycle chain and start pedaling.” He feels that while admirable, the slow pace at which Chuck and Sarah are taking their relationship could use a little jump start. Personally, Chuck doesn’t strike me as an oil and chains kind of guy; I can’t speak for Sarah however.

Side step for a moment and let’s visit the Buy-More. Chuck meets a very lovely, very intelligent young lady named Lou played by Rachel Bilson. Lou is a little quirky and twitchy but she is sweet, likes gadgets apparently and runs a sandwich shop. It’s as if the writers have created the perfect woman. Through the course of Chuck fixing her phone and in effect saving her life, the two of them find that there is a definite mutual attraction. In steps Sarah to lay on the cover story of being Chuck’s girlfriend and let me tell ya’ she lays it on thick. It was one of those TV moments where you cringe and go “oooh”. Lou is obviously greatly disappointed both in the fact that Chuck has a girlfriend and in the fact the she feels mislead by his obvious interest in her. Chuck is going to miss out on some really great sandwiches.

Chuck is struggling with a couple of things. First, he is struggling over the fact that he is interested in two women. Remember, Chuck for weeks now has been trying to find the right way or the right time to tell Sarah how he feels about her, but now a new woman has been introduced to the picture and she brings sandwiches. Secondly, he is struggling, as I said before, with the cover story and the lies. If there is to be no relationship between him and Sarah this cover story is still preventing him from seeing anyone else, namely Lou.

Alright let’s sidestep back again and briefly discuss the plot. I say briefly discuss the plot because this episode was much more about character and relationship development than any plotlines. Ellie is being tracked by the mercenary who wants the chip that was slipped to her. She doesn’t know that she has it, but the mercenary infects her with a poison/ truth agent in order to extract the information. Step forward to Chuck, Sarah and Casey in a standoff with the mercenary. They have the chip, he has the antidote for Ellie. Things go badly during the exchange, the mercenary ends up with the chip and all four of them get infected with the poison/ truth agent. Chuck does manage to get the antidote and uses it to save his sister Ellie.

They track the mercenary to his hideout and all receive the antidote, however, just before they take the antidote, Chuck asks Sarah if there is any chance that their cover story will actually become a real relationship. Her response, while under the effects of the truth agent, is “No”. If you watched the show, you knew right away that there was something fishy about the way she paused before she answered the question. Unfortunately, Chuck takes Sarah at her word. Once the dust has settled, Chuck tells Sarah that he wants to break up. He wants to end or change their cover story so that he is free to pursue Lou. We later find out that Sarah had been trained to resist the effects of truth agents and could easily have been lying to Chuck.

As the episode ends we see Chuck and Lou reunited in the halls of love and deli meat. Their future looks promising… or does it? I hope that Rachel Bilson’s character Lou will become a recurring role on the show. I think it adds a very interesting dynamic. It will be entertaining to see what happens when a government spy is jealous of you and your new boyfriend.


Eulogy: It appears that for the time being we say goodbye to Harry Tang. After stumbling in on Chuck, Casey and Sarah in a Top-Secret conference call, he is shipped off to a tropical island and has left the Buy-More. Have we seen the last of the Tang? Only time will tell.

**Spoiler Alert and Predictions**

During the previews for next weeks episode we see that Sarah goes into full investigative mode to find out everything there is to know about Lou. The government is concerned about her being so close to the intercept. At the end we see Sarah and Casey looking at what appears to be a hyperbaric chamber being opened with a person inside. I am telling all of you right now, Bryce is alive!!! This is going to make things crazy but I am convinced it is true.

Sarah is going to become more and more aware of how she feels about Chuck now that she will see him with another woman. I stand by my previous prediction. In the final episode of the season or in the last episode before the holiday break (which could be one in the same due to the strike) Sarah and Chuck will kiss and or she will be mortally wounded.


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