Heroes – Peter’s Back, Adam’s Loose, DL’s Dead, Now What!

Heroes – Four Months Ago aired on NBC 11/12/07
This week in Heroes we saw what happened “4 months ago”. It is an episode that was designed to fill in some of the gaps that we have had questions about since the season began. The majority of the episode focused on Peter, Adam and Nathan.

Let’s begin with Peter. We find out a lot of information about what has happened to Peter over the last 4 months. We begin when we see peter save his brother after he goes nuclear over the plaza. This explains how Nathan survived and why Nathan has a scarred and burned face. Peter leaves Nathan in the hospital and eventually is captured by the company. Peter at this point believes he is being “helped” by the company. They are helping to neutralize his powers and keep him contained while they work on a cure (a cure that isn’t coming). Elle a young girl who grew up in the company into a very nice looking woman (in the shape of Veronica Mars’ Kristen Bell) elle.jpgseems to have an infatuation with Peter and is in fact where he got his “electricity ability”. Peter eventually begins to realize, through his conversations with Kensei/Adam, that he is not being helped by the company he is in fact a prisoner much like Kensei/Adam. One of the best lines in this episode is when Kensei/Adam is convincing Peter that he is not being helped he is being held prisoner… he says “If you don’t believe you’re in prison Peter, try to leave.” peternadam.jpgThe two of them escape the company and agree to meet in Canada, this is the building that Peter ends up in when he loses Caitlin.

As part of helping Adam escape the company, Adam and Peter go to Nathan and Adam uses his blood to heal Nathan’s wounds that is why in present day he has no scarring. While following Nathan’s story we also see why his wife has left him, once again Angela Petrelli’s meddling has cost her son’s what they love. She convinces Nathan’s wife that he suffers from paranoid delusions.

Maya and Alejandro’s story is fleshed out a little bit more as we see when Maya and Alejandro first receive their powers. I have to say that I am really sick and tired of these two. To this point they really haven’t done anything. Every other episode Maya cries about something and Alejandro kisses her butt until she stops crying/killing everyone. maya.jpgI am already tired of these two characters and if they don’t start getting interesting pretty soon I will consider them a waste of screen time. The only thing that makes them bearable at this point is that Sylar is with them.

DL’s death is played out in this episode. I thought that a lot of time was wasted on this plotline. There was a ton of buildup and it all ended in him dl-nikki.jpggetting shot. This was a big let-down. We also get introduced to Nikki’s new personality Gena, this helps explain why she goes to the company for help, she feels responsible for DL’s death.

I felt like a lot of time was waisted on DL and Niki’s story, time that could have been spent talking about some characters that were noticeably missing from this weeks episode. We didn’t find out why Parkman left his wife although it has been alluded to. We didn’t find out what happened to Sylar although it was briefly covered. We didn’t see anything about Claire and HRG, I don’t remember seeing them at all in this episode.

All in all a great episode as usual but there were some elements that could have been cut out to make room for what are in my opinion a little more interesting plot lines.


**Spoiler Alert**

I read this on the Monster SciFi Show Blog:

“… Tim Kring goes on to say in the article that December 3 might be the last of Heroes Season 2 due to the WGA strike and the rushed closing of plotlines will be horrible.”

I had heard about this and read about it in other places, I have a horrible feeling that Heroes will be forced to butcher the ending of this season because of the writer’s strike. While it is unfortunate for the viewers, I completely understand why the writers are on strike and can’t hold a grudge against them. Let’s just hope that this gets resolved soon and that there is still time to “save the season, save the world.”


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