The Office – Too Much Reality, Just Enough Ping-Pong

  The Office – Deposition on NBC 11/15/07
Last night was a rough night for Michael Scott and myself. I was pretty disappointed in last nights episode. Nobody ever likes to see bad things happen to Michael Scott, but last night the blows just kept coming…(That’s what she said). michaeldeposition.jpgI feel like last nights episode did not have the same light hearted banter throughout the office that I am accustomed to.
Michael and Jan are taking part in a deposition related to Jan’s wrongful termination suit against Dunder Mifflin. It is her intention that Michael will testify on her behalf and help her win a settlement of 4 million dollars. Ryan and other D-M employees expect that since Michael is such a loyal employee that he will be on their side. Consequently, Michael is thrown in the middle between his two loves and the two loves rip him to pieces.

Jan in an effort to establish her case brings out Michael’s personal diary and has it introduced into evidence allowing almost a dozen people he works with access to his personal thoughts. D-M brings to light Jan’s scathingjandeposition.jpg performance reviews even after her and Michael became a couple. Jan brings forward communications by D-M that show that Michael was never seriously considered as Jan’s replacement. Time after time each side takes pot shots at Michael try to discredit the other’s position and Michael is caught in the crossfire. It is a very sad episode that is not nearly as much fun to watch as the normal hilarity.

Even the resolution is less than satisfying as both Michael and Jan appear to ignore the situation and pretend like nothing happened.

The side plot in this episode involves Jim and Daryl playing ping-pong and Kelly and Pam trash talking which we find out is different than smack talking. This is the only part of this weeks episode that was a good bet for laughs.pingpong.jpg Especially when Dwight starts talking about how all of his heroes are ping-pong players. However, in spite of the jokes, this ping-pong plot line was not quite enough of a comic relief to counterbalance the seriousness of Michael’s situation.

All in all I was disappointed and hope that next weeks episode leaves me with a little better feeling inside…(That’s what she said).

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3 Responses to The Office – Too Much Reality, Just Enough Ping-Pong

  1. worshipcity says:

    Yeah it was horribly awkward, perhaps the most yet of the season! I think the sliver of satisfaction I get is that amidst all the he said “she said” between Jan and DM, I really like Michael Scott. I mean he is taken through the ringer here on both sides and yet, I really come away liking him more (unless you’re Toby!)
    The ping pong was funny, I think alongside another plot it would have been hysterical!

  2. bc3263827 says:

    I think you are right, this episode combined with last weeks episode we are starting to get glimpses that there might be some method to Michaels madness. It is just such a difficult not to end on.

  3. annieinmn says:

    I enjoyed the episode, but I hate when they “dumb-down” Michael. He may be politcally incorrect and lack social skills sometimes, but he is a good salesman and employee most of the time. I don’t think its believeable that he would have been joking around (TWSS, The twins, etc) at the deposition. I think he would have known better than to make light of such a serious time.

    Kelly Kapoor is hilarious though. She cracks me up!

    Also, there are no more new episodes until the strike ends, so thats pretty sad. This is the last episode. 😦

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