Ghost Whisperer – Oppression Leave’s Impression

Ghost Whisperer – Bad Blood aired in the US 11/16/07 on NBC

The Ghost Whisperer got even better this week. There was a great Cameo buy Alan Ruck who you will know from his role as Cameron on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. His character Steve Sinclair buys a house that is haunted cover.jpgby two ghosts. These two ghosts were once forbidden lovers who in spite of their lack of conscience and conniving ways were caught. Though they ultimately ended up together they were killed in an accident that was a result of the underlying mistrust between them. To actually describe what would happen here would be too much. It took 10 minutes of the show to describe what happened. Regardless, they haunt the house and those who inhabit it. They use the guilt and suffering of each new owner to “oppress” them.


Oppression definition as explained by Jay Mohr’s character that had another great guest star appearance. Oppression is when a ghost uses the emotion of a living person as a conduit to control or influence their actions. It is not a possession which is something demons do. I believe he summed it up as “all the rudeness of possession, with less head spinning.”

Melinda has to try and cross over these two ghosts to protect Steve Sinclair and his daughter. In the process she finds out that Steve’s wife was killed in a hiking accident; she fell off of a cliff. The police questions Steve extensively as only he and his daughter were present when the accident happened. The ghost of his wife has followed Steve and his daughter to the new house because she has some unfinished business with them.

Because the two evil ghosts have such a strong tie to the house that they are haunting Melinda is unable to cross them over, her only hope is to get Steve and his daughter to leave the house. She has limited time to do this because the evil ghosts have convinced Steve to kill his daughter and have convinced his daughter to kill him. Melinda grabs the daughter and races her out to the garage and they are met by the ghost of her mother. The father comes chasing them and when he is confronted by the presence of his wife the real story comes to light.

It turns out that Steve’s wife fell down an incline and went over the edge of a cliff; Steve grabbed her and was trying to pull her up. The daughter came running down to try and help and slipped herself. Steve had to choose, save the daughter or save the wife. He let go of his wife and dropped her off the cliff to save his daughter from going over the edge. At this point the ghost of his wife tells him that he did exactly what she wanted him to do and that he doesn’t need to feel guilty. He couldn’t and shouldn’t have done anything differently. The healing begins, mom crosses over, dad and daughter move out of the house and dad blows the house up to make sure that nobody else buys it.

It may sound pretty straight forward but there were a number of twists in the plot that made it very good. Once again, after the first 20 minutes I thought I had it all figured out and was wrong again. That is the kind of writing I appreciate.

I am wondering if one of the writers or producers of Ghost Whisperer stumbled across this blog. Ever since I wrote the post “Ghost Whisperer – Why they call it the boob tube” Melinda’s character has dressed much more modestly and I was right, Jennifer Love Hewitt is quite capable of carrying the show through her acting and not her womanly figure. I think that it must be a taxing role to go through such a range of emotions each week and have each emotion look believable. I am no expert on acting methods by any means but I think she does a good job with a role that must require a lot of skill to make sure it doesn’t look cheesy.

Once again there were was no mention of the ongoing plotline with Melinda’s father and half-brother. I am wondering where that is going to lead. I think that the previews for next weeks episode indicate we will be returning to that plotline a little bit.


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  1. Adam says:

    Especially as Melinda Gordon toyed with the idea of wanting (or attempting?) to get pregnant, I swear I’ve been noticing more and more lately that the outfits she’s been wearing seem a little bit on the side of stuff that pregnant women wear when they’re trying to fashionably conceal their tummies. Think about it: you really don’t see a lot of full-body shots of Melinda, at least not up close (action shots, no doubt, are probably done by stunt-doubles).

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