Nirvana Unplugged – ‘Nuff Said

   I came into the office this morning, plugged in my iPod and was strucknirvanaunplugged.jpg with an epiphany. I quickly navigated the menus and loaded up Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged album and have been listening to that for the past half hour. I am sure that many of you remember this unplugged on MTV. This was back when MTV actually had music on the Music Television station. The last live performance by Kurt Cobain before his suicide.

If you haven’t heard the album…

a) where have you been?

b) I highly recommend you check it out.

Put on a flannel T-shirt (I know you still have them), some beat up shorts, guys put that earring back in your ear if the whole hasn’t closed up. Next go buy some cheap alcohol, you know the wine that comes in a box, liquor that comes in a plastic bottle, beer that you pay for by the gallon, sit back have a drink and enjoy the album.

You’ll thank me.


5 Responses to Nirvana Unplugged – ‘Nuff Said

  1. Daddy Dan says:

    That’s a great album. I have it on my iPod as well, but haven’t listened to it in a while. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. klytus7 says:

    Best song ” the man who sold the world ” better than Bowie’s. Makes a grown man cry.

  3. worshipcity says:

    Yeah I came back around to it. I was a Pearl Jam/Temple of the Dog/STP/Chris Cornell fan but never a Nirvana fan until…really the last few years. I always said the best thing Nirvana gave us was Dave Grohl 🙂
    However, giving their music more of a listen, this CD in fact, I’ve come around. Really good stuff!

  4. Billy says:

    Wow, I just found this CD in the parents basement over the Thanksgiving break. I completely forgot what a huge Nirvana fan I was through high school. by far the greatest unpluged MTV aired. Even better than Alice In Chains. But that is an argument for the bar.

  5. bc3263827 says:

    Dan – For some reason around this time of year the album always pops into my head. I think it has to do with when I bought the album I listened to it constantly for about 3 weeks right around the time the weather was changing for the holidays, that is my internal reminder about this album.

    Klytus – One of my favorites is the last song on the album “Where did you sleep last night”

    worshipcity – I was/am a huge Pearl Jam fan ironically one of the few bands that I never got a chance to see in concert. I have to admit that after the binaural album I stopped keeping track. I still listen to all the old stuff constantly.

    Billy – I agree, by far the greatest MTV Unplugged that aired. I remember watching it when it premiered and just being mesmerized. One of the greatest things about the show was how they didn’t make it a point to play all of their commercial hits, they just played great unplugged songs.

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