Chuck – Chuck and Sarah’s Last Kiss?

Chuck Vs.  The Imported Hard Salami aired 11/19/07in the U.S. on NBC
  Chuck and Sarah kissed. How can I start off with any other statement, oh nup_108633_0378.jpgwait, Bryce is ALIVE! Well if you have been reading my blog I predicted both of those things so class let’s continue with the rest of this weeks episode.

   Things didn’t work out with Lou; I think most people saw this coming for a number of reasons. First, Rachel Bilson was only signed on for two episodes, the writing was on the wall from the very beginning. Secondly, if Chuck and Sarah don’t end up together at some point through the course of this series there is going to be a revolt by a large number of the fans.

   Turns out that Lou’s ex-boyfriend is an illegal arms smuggler, aren’t they always, and Chuck flashes on him and his father. In an attempt to thwart the explosion of their “time sensitive” delivery Chuck ruins any chance that he had with Lou.

   I personally don’t have a huge preference one way or the other. I think that writing a bunch of romantic/ love scenes between the two of them will be awkward and not really fit the flow of the show. I am more than happy to watch them almost get together for a while longer. Either way I will be fine as long as whatever direction the writers chose makes sense.

   So here we are standing in front of a bomb that is about to explode and kill both of them and Sarah plants a big one on Chuck. If I hadn’t seen the previews from the week before I would have been shocked. Which by the way, what were they thinking showing that in the previews last week, that kind of bombshell is something that you should have to tune in to the show to catch. Anyway, they kiss, nice kiss, didn’t look forced or awkward. I love the line that Sarah gives when they realize the bomb didn’t blow up. “Well, the good news is we’re not dead, the bad news is that this is an uncomfortable moment.” It was great, very funny.

   So then we open up the chamber and good golly Bryce is alive. I would like to point out that I predicted this in Chuck – Rachel Bilson and Sandwiches! (pat on back).

   What a great plot twist! Just when we think that Chuck and Sarah might get their relationship on track and actually go out on a date-date. Now that Sarah has finally let Chuck know how she really feels about him, and we think things are moving forward we get this dropped on us. Viewing public, listen to me, this is going to be a repeat of Chuck’s experience with Bryce before. Bryce is going to steal his girl (Sarah) and try and get him kicked out of being a spy. I am telling you now, Bryce is going to do everything to Chuck all over again. The question is will Sarah chose Bryce or Chuck. My money is on Bryce. I hate to say it people but think about it. What would make for a better story?
Sarah is going to fall for Bryce all over again, once again Bryce steals Chuck’s girl and Chuck is left once again rejected by Sarah. I hate to say it but that is how this will play out. Now don’t get me wrong I think ultimately Sarah will chose Chuck in the long run, I just think over the next episode or two, however long it takes to kill Bryce for good, that Sarah will be confused and leaning towards Bryce. It may even be out of some sense of guilt or obligation that she goes back to him.

   I think that Bryce is going to end up being a bad guy after all. I think that Casey is going to take great pride in killing Bryce again. The only other way I see this ending is Bryce is still a bad guy but Sarah is the one that ends up killing Bryce and she does it to prevent him from killing Chuck and that is how the two of them will end up together again. Chuck will see that she really does love him when she kills Bryce to save his life. The looming question will be did she save me because she cares about me or because I am the intercept and she killed Bryce out of duty.

   There are just so many great avenues that spring from these latest events. I can’t wait to see what will happen.

   As a side note, I was unable to locate any quality images from this week’s episode to include in the post for visuals. If anyone knows of a site that has up to date images please let me know. I would obviously be more than happy to link to them and give them credit whenever I use the images.


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    Thanks for putting me on your blogroll, unknown dude…

  2. rafaela says:

    could you add some comments about the second season

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