Ghost Whisperer – She Sees Dead People Too

Ghost Whisperer – All Ghosts Lead to Grandview
** Spoiler Alert this post discusses plot details about the episode that aired in the U.S. on 11/23/07

    jlh.jpgSo I am in the process of catching up on my TV viewing after being away from my DVR for almost a week. I watched Ghost Whisperer last night with a Coca-Cola and a bowl of popcorn. All Ghosts Lead to Grandview, an episode in which Melinda meets a young girl Becca who has the same ability to see ghosts. Becca did not have the benefit of relatives with the same ability like Melinda had. Becca has had no mentor or counselor and in many ways has had no understanding of why she can see dead people.

   Melinda takes her home and begins to try and impart her knowledge that she has gained over the years to try and help this young girl come to terms with her ability. It is not something she can ignore or run away from, she has to learn to cope with it and use her ability to help these ghosts, not for herself, but for them because she is one of very few who can help them.

   Predictably, Becca is very reluctant to interact with the ghosts. She sees no need to help them, all they have ever done for her is to make her look crazy to her friend and parents causing them to medicate and isolate her. When she arrived in Grandview a young boy (ghost) found her and has attached himself to her in order to protect her and so she can help him find his parents (also ghosts).

   In spite of her efforts to help Becca, Melinda knows that the decision is ultimately up to Becca as to whether or not she uses her ability to aid the spirits stuck and unable to crossover. In the end the young boy (ghost) leads Becca into the tunnels from Melinda’s basement. He has been told (I think by Gabriel) that his parents are down there. Becca and the boy go down there unaware of the dangers they are walking into. One of the eeriest moments of the show is listening to the ghostly voices as Becca descends into these tunnels. The ghosts whisper about “another one” or “there are two of them” is becomes obvious that Becca is the one that was wanted in the tunnels not the young boy.

   As would be expected, Melinda goes down into the tunnels to save them, ultimately she does, the young boy finds his parents, Becca sees that she can help the ghosts and that it can be rewarding. Melinda also helps Becca to convince her parents that she really can see ghosts by sharing intimate details about her parents meeting that she learned from a family friend who died before she was born.

   It was a good episode, at the end there is a brief interaction between Melinda and Gabriel talking about choosing sides and Melinda not having all the answers that she thinks she does. It was all very ambiguous and did not really move that story arc along very much. It did however; imply what we have known for weeks now, that something big is building up and about to happen.

   I can’t really predict where that story line is going, we only ever get little bits and pieces and I can’t really figure out how it all fits together but hopefully the upcoming episodes will devote more time to that storyline before the break for the holidays.


4 Responses to Ghost Whisperer – She Sees Dead People Too

  1. mirandamccoy says:

    latley ive been seeing things and getting cold vibes ever since my gram died could it be her???

  2. bc3263827 says:

    What kind of things have you been seeing?

  3. Adam says:

    I’m glad that I stumbled across your blog. I’ve missed so many episodes of “Ghost Whisperer” that I need someone to fill in those blanks, as I do not understand, for example, when and how this half-brother Gabriel arrived on the scene.

    Tonight, I watched the re-run of ‘Weight of What Was’, originally aired 10/26/2007, in which Melinda’s ties to Grandview are elaborated by a character who questionably presents himself as the ghost of Melinda and Gabriel’s biological father.

    In fact, much like the mystery surrounding Melinda’s father, there have been other spirits throughout the series, mostly the malevolent ones, whose origins, purposes and fates have eluded me, no thanks to my Swiss-cheese viewership.

    I just need to buy the Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD and watch from the beginning, much like I did with “Millennium” and am now doing with “X-Files”.

  4. Andromeda says:

    Who played Becca? She’s so cute!

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