Wil Wheaton – Cameo on Numbers

  wilwheaton.jpg So I am seriously behind my TV viewing thanks to the Thanksgiving holidays. I was away from my DVR for 5 days. I made it back on Sunday and started watching the Friday night line up. The last show on the agenda for Friday night was Numbers, a great show. This weeks episode was about the theft of a rare and valuable comic book. Not more than 5 seconds into the episode I am excitedly jabbering, “honey, that’s Wil Wheaton!”
If you haven’t already checked it out, on my blog-roll is a link to Wil Wheaton’s blog. It is fantastic reading, I haven’t made it over to his site in a while, otherwise I probably would not have been caught by surprise when he showed up in Numbers.
His cameo in this episode was fantastic and the subject matter was perfect for his appearance. It was a highly entertaining episode if you missed it, I highly suggest you hit iTunes and download it.

**Image is property of Wil Wheaton and Wil Wheaton dot Net.


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