Heroes – The End is Near, Finale Predictions

Heroes – Truth and Consequences aired in the U.S. on NBC 11/26/07

   nup_111114_0171.jpgThis week was the lead-up to the season finale due to the writer’s strike. Just like last week this episode was pact with content from start to finish. Rather than try and follow the episode from start to finish I am going to break down the episode by character. So let’s talk about Peter Petrelli, Claire Bennet, Hiro Nakamura, and Sylar…


   This week Peter takes Adam on what he believes to be a quest to save the world from this terrible virus. Peter does not realize that 30 years ago Adam is the one who tried to release the virus on humanity and that is why he was locked up in the first place. It appeared that in this episode that Adam had some twisted idea that he was in effect curing humanity. He talked about how in 400 years nothing changed; the world was still plagued by war, famine, greed, etc. I don’t know exactly what he though releasing the virus would accomplish. He apparently has the typical villain’s delusions of grandeur.

   Peter and Adam track down Victoria Pratt, the last woman in the photograph who we all thought would tie things together. I was significantly disappointed in the role that Victoria Pratt played in the Company plotline. Turns out she was just a Bio-Engineer that created the virus and had itnup_111114_0656.jpg locked away in Odessa. I thought there would be a more sinister or significant role for her in the company, then she got shot dead after about 5 minutes on screen. All in all a pretty disappointing reveal considering what Parkman went through to find out who she was.

   Speaking of Parkman, he was noticeably missing from this week’s episode. As I stated last week, Parkman is really the only character that really seems like he is trying to put all the pieces together with regards to the company, which is why I was really surprised he had no appearance in this week’s episode. In addition, what happened to Nathan? Has he dropped off the face of the earth?

   Let’s get back on track here, Peter and Adam after speaking to Victoria, head to Odessa to retrieve the virus. Peter plans to destroy it so he can then go back and save Caitlyn. Adam plans to unleash the virus on the world killing everyone. Enter Hiro Nakamura.

   Hiro has decided that he is going to avenge his father’s death; he travels back in time trying to trace Adam Monroe through history to get an idea about where he might be in the present. He travels back to the day that Adam Monroe was locked up by the company this trail of clues leads Hiro to Odessa where he confronts Peter and Adam in the final seconds of the episode. The episode ends with Peter and Hiro about to tear into each other and we are left to next week to find out what happens.

   Claire spent this week mourning the loss of her father, expectedly. She takes his ashes (she thinks) to the beach and scatters them at sunset, says goodbye to West and then sees Elle spying on her family. At that moment we are lead to believe that Claire decides it is time to stop running. She tells Elle that she has decided that the Company is never going to touch her or her family again, she is going to show the world what she is capable of doing and after that there will be so many eyes on her that the Company won’t be able to get near her without being exposed. It was a ballsy move and you can tell by the look on Elle’s face that she is intimidated and that Claire definitely has the company on their heels.

   Micah’s storyline was simply frustrating. His cousin tries to be a real-life super hero and retrieve his backpack that was stolen by some “bad guys”. She gets caught in the process and is kidnapped; we don’t see what happens to her after that. This storyline was irritating only because you could see everything coming a mile away and that is not typical for a Heroes episode.

   Sylar is back. Yes folks, he’s back, he may not have his powers, but the maniacal man that is Gabriel Grey is back to his old tricks. We get to watch this week as Sylar slowly and methodically manipulates that dupe Maya into believing that she doesn’t need her brother anymore and that in fact he hates her for what she did to his wife. Sylar slowly puts himself in the position of being the only one in Maya’s life that she believes in and trusts. The guy isnup_110815_0774.jpg smooth. He even has the guts to make out with her when the murdered body of Maya’s brother is merely 5 feet on the other side of his motel door. By the end of the episode, Sylar is holed up in Mohinder’s apartment with Molly and calls Mohinder to tell him he’s back. The great thing is Mohinder doesn’t know that Sylar doesn’t have his powers anymore. What will happen next… we will have to wait until next week.

   That is the basics of what happened this week. As far as predictions it is hard to say. Keep in mind that Tim Kring has said they are going to have to wrap up the season in this final episode and that many storylines were butchered in the process. It is hard to say ultimately what will happen. I think Adam Monroe will “die” (but not really), the virus will be destroyed. I think West’s true colors come out and we find out what his secret is. Claire’s dad will have a major revelation about how he fits into the series from now on. I don’t think he will let his family know that he is alive. I think Nathan Petrelli returns and Parkman or Mohinder will end up dead.

   I have heard rumors that two heroes are set to die in this final episode. I think that aside from Parkman or Mohinder, the other hero that will die is Nikki.

  So there you have it folks. We will find out the conclusion next week. Stay Tuned.

**Heroes’ Characters and images  are the property of NBC and Heroes.



2 Responses to Heroes – The End is Near, Finale Predictions

  1. kami says:

    My bets on next weeks death would have to be Nikki. She really is not an essential part of the plot, and I think the viewers can do away with her. My other bet would have to be the Parkman. He is also an insubstantial part of the show. I really dont think that they would kill off adam, cuz he’s pretty interesting. I cant see Mohinder dying. He is the scientific guy for the show, and they always need a guy like that to say some gibberish about genetics that the viewer would never figure out anyway.

    What is it that youre saying about West’s true colors? I didnt think there was anything deep to know about him. but i guess we’ll see on monday.

    Also– is there anyone else as in love with sylar as i am. He is just such a deliciously evil character. He is probably the best villian on TV. Awesome!

  2. bc3263827 says:

    Kami – I agree Sylar is fantastic villain. I love the way he interacts with people who have not yet figured out he is a bad guy. I also think it is great to see that even without super powers, he is still a cold blooded killer.

    As far as West’s true colors it is just a gut feeling I have. I think there is something about West that we don’t know yet.

    I agree that they probably won’t kill off Adam for two reasons, it is obviously very difficult to kill him. Two I think they have not had enough time to really develop his character as well as they could due to the writers strike.

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