Chuck – Bryce Just Won’t Die

Chuck Vs. The Nemesis aired in the U.S. on NBC 11/26/07

   Chuck got shot! Bryce got shot! People were getting shot left and right in this weeks episode. This week’s episode was action packed and was constantly leaving the viewers screaming every time a commercial break came along. From Sarah kissing Bryce to Chuck evacuating the Buy More with the secret codeword “Pineapple” it was one great moment after another.

   I have to admit that most of my predictions from my last post were pretty far off. The writers took a lighter direction with the plot this week. Bryce was not a bad guy after all. He was on a mission for a covert portion of the CIA that sent him on a suicide mission of sorts. They found him and kept him alive because they thought he was the intercept, not realizing he had sent it to Chuck.

   After the revelation that Bryce was not a bad guy, there was the obvious tension between Sarah, Bryce and Chuck. Most of us have probably been in this situation minus the Government Spy aspect. Girl or Guy starts dating someone new, then the ex shows up and wants to get back together. Do you stick with the new, promising relationship or do you go back to the old one. Sarah seems to spend most of this episode trying to figure out Bryce’s motives for wanting her back. After having spent all this time thinking he was dead and trying to move past it, she finds out he is alive and it was all part of a spy mission. There are some obvious trust issues here. Is she to believe that he really loves her or is this all part of another elaborate spy mission. In the end I think she reconciles that Bryce really does care about her. That however, still leaves the issue of Chuck, the new guy.

   Chuck as is often the case in this situation is the unfortunate victim (new relationship). Chuck can’t compete with what Bryce and Sarah had and is just left to wait and see what Sarah decides to do. He tries to read into every look, action, word that Sarah gives off trying to find some sliver of hope that she might actually choose him over Bryce. Keep in mind that this would be the second time that Bryce has stolen Chuck’s girlfriend. So this whole situation must open up old wounds for him.

   Nevertheless, Chuck agrees to help Bryce turn himself in to the CIA. The organization that put Bryce up to stealing the intercept in the first place has different plans however. They stage a setup to capture Chuck and get their hands on the intercept.

   When the dust settles, Bryce is assigned to another secret spy mission and will basically fall off the face of the Earth. Bryce Larkin will once and for all be dead and he will be a nameless agent of the CIA. He asks Sarah to go with him and thus “The Choice”. Does Sarah stay with Chuck or go with Bryce.

   When the episode comes to a close we see a visual representation of the emotional struggle that Sarah is going through as her bags are packed and she is ready to go. Two phones ring, on one phone is Bryce and the other is Chuck, we wait to see which phone she will answer presumably choosing that man, but we never see it happen. The episode ends before she makes her choice.

   On a side note, one of my predictions last week did kind of come true. Casey did shoot Bryce again; however, he was wearing a bullet proof vest and survived. Better luck next time Casey. We also got another great appearance from Captain Awesome, I don’t’ know why but that guy steals every scene he is in as far as I am concerned.


   I think that Sarah is going to answer Bryce’s call causing the collective viewing audience to gasp. However, she will answer the phone only to tell him that she has decided to stay with Chuck.

   As far as Sarah and Chuck having a relationship, don’t expect it to happen kiddos. I think their might be an unspoken understanding between the two of them but if you are looking for them to start having dates I don’t think it is going to happen. In fact if you truly are a fan of the show you better pray that it doesn’t anytime the two main leads in a show start a relationship it dooms the series and cancellation is just a matter of time. Think back Moonlighting, Cheers, Who’s the Boss, Gilmore Girls it is a recipe for disaster. I think the best thing they can do for this show is to play out this unresolved issue for as long as possible and believe me I think that the almost relationship they have is far more entertaining than any actual relationship they could play out on the show.

If I haven’t already mentioned it, Chuck got picked up for a full season! They will be filming an additional 9 episodes. Check out this great Chuck website for more info. 

That’s all for this week, next week is the final episode before the holiday break, enjoy!

** Still no resource for episode pics but I will keep looking.


3 Responses to Chuck – Bryce Just Won’t Die

  1. annieinmn says:

    I think they need to bring back Rachel Bilson for more tension. I thought she was great on the show! 🙂

  2. savetheoc says:

    I thought Rachel was awesome aswell 😉

  3. bc3263827 says:

    She did add a fun dynamic to the group, it was funny to watch the subtle jealousy from Sarah. I really thought it was funny how they played it up that Sarah was a girlfriend who just couldn’t let go and that was why she was around all the time. That was hilarious.

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