The Closer – Kyra Sedgwick, You Should be a Fan Too

   thecloser.jpgNow that the affects of the writers strike are really starting to become evident and as many shows break for the holidays, my TV viewing is steadily slowing down with regards to the regular shows I discuss here. Last night I found myself watching episodes of The Closer on TNT. If you are not familiar with the show Kyra Sedgwick plays Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson. She is the head of the LAPD Priority Homicide Division. It is a fantastic crime drama series. The writing is top of the line and the cast that surrounds Kyra Sedgwick is brilliant. I really enjoy this series it is fast moving and full of plot twists. In the end when the dust settles I am always left with a sly grin on my face thinking “Brenda did it again.” That kind of escapism is something that I really enjoy and is masterfully done in this series.
Kyra  Sedgwick is amazing in this role. I remember prior to the start of the series about 3 years ago, TNT was blasting promos for the show in what seemed like a revolving door of ads; almost to the point of irritation. I tuned in to the first episode to see if it would live up to the hype. Within the first 5 minutes of the show, Kyra Sedgwick and her character had me interested and by the end of the show I was hooked. On a weekly basis she manages to give a captivating performance and rarely have I seen an actor on television make a character so real to me. I almost expect that if I were to visit LA I could drive to the LAPD station and meet her. That is rare in my opinion.
Anyway, I highly suggest you check out the show if you have not already seen it. Currently they are in the middle of an encore season so you have some time to catch up on previous episodes before the new season begins. In addition there is going to be a two hour Christmas special on Monday Dec 3rd at 7pm cst. Be there or be square.

On a side note, I was sitting in the airport in Houston about a month ago waiting to get on a flight to go home from a business trip. As I sat at the terminal waiting to get on the plane, the passengers arriving at that terminal began to file out. One of the first people off of the plane was Kyra Sedgwick and her husband Kevin Bacon. I have a strict rule about celebrities. I never approach them because A. they don’t need to be bothered by me when they are not at work. B. I am afraid that a bad experience with a celebrity will ruin seeing them on television or in films from that point on. With that said, I didn’t approach either of them but I casually watched their interaction as I waited for my plane and read my book. Here are the observations I made:

1 ) Kyra Sedgwick is beautiful! She is every bit as beautiful in person as she is on television if not more-so.
2) She and her husband seemed to actually enjoy each other. They talked and laughed and seemed like a very happy couple.
3) They stood at the terminal for about 15 minutes waiting for their daughters to get off of the plane, when they did come out of the gate, Kyra ran up to them saying “Oh, we missed you so much!!” As if to imply they had just returned from some long trip and they hadn’t seen them in months. The girls both kind of laughed and rolled their eyes. I think one of them made a comment like “Mom, you’re embarassing us.” Kyra said “are you kidding I’ve been waiting 20 minutes to do that.”
It was funny, maybe only if you were there. Anyway, with all of the things you read in the papers and see on TV about how messed up some of these celebrity families can be, it was nice to see someone I am a big fan of and to see that they are normal. They were a normal family who enjoy each other and joke with each other and just happen to be hugely famous.
I realize that I have made a lot of speculations based on 20 minutes at an airport terminal when I didn’t even actually speak to either one of them but if nothing else, observation #1 is right on the money.


2 Responses to The Closer – Kyra Sedgwick, You Should be a Fan Too

  1. Daddy Dan says:

    I’m going to have to start checking out some of these shows I’ve never watched before. Thanks for the tip on The Closer.

  2. J2 says:

    I am a devoted fan of The Closer. Season to season, it’s amazing how the characters continue to evolve and become more interesting. The show is written to engage the audience. Kyra and her cast are fantastic.

    Thank you for sharing your experience at the airport.

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