National Treasure – Not really a treasure.

  national-treasure-2.jpeg I went to the movies on Tuesday night and saw the new National Treasure 2 movie. I was a fan of the first movie, while I am not a huge Nicolas Cage fan for reasons I will elaborate on later; I do like the premise of the movie and the approach that they take.

   I think it was wise of the director to take the action star out of the action film especially when your “action star” is Nicolas Cage. The first notable foray by Nicolas Cage into the action genre in my opinion was Con Air. I will be generous in saying that he barely pulled it off. I don’t find him to be a believable action character at all. However, in the National Treasure films they take him out of the equation from an action standpoint. There is no fist to fist fighting; it is relegated to car chases and a clever jump or leap here and there. This I can tolerate, seeing Nicolas Cage do a spin kick during hand to hand combat is about as believable as Britney Spears’ mom being qualified to write a “how to” parenting book.

   I also should state up front that I have long had a hesitance when it comes to Nicolas Cage, for a long time he was rumored to be pegged as the new Superman before Brandon Routh thankfully took the roll. Then he actually landed the roll as the Ghost Rider. I did not see the movie Ghost Rider in protest; however, I can only imagine what witty line Cage delivered in his dry, talking as he falls asleep, voice. I am sure that many of you comic fans will agree that there is really no place in a Ghost Rider movie for that kind of humor. While on the topic of Ghost Rider, who thought it would be a good idea to put Eva Mendez in this movie? Don’t get me wrong, Eva Mendez is highly attractive and not a terrible actress but a) she belongs nowhere near a comic book movie, she is a romantic comedy actress and should stick to that b) who thought that Cage and Mendez where a good on-screen duo. Did they have any chemistry on-screen whatsoever. I am curious to know so if you saw the movie, tell me what you thought.

   Anyway, back to National Treasure 2. I like this movie because it combines real life historical events and puts a slight twist on them to create an Indiana Jones style film. If you saw National Treasure 1, then there is really nothing new in National Treasure 2. Same gags, same basic plot, new historical idiosyncrasies. If you are looking for a great sequel, wait until the new Batman film comes out; if you are looking to be entertained by a fun movie then National Treasure will suit you well.

   By the way, if you have not seen National Treasure 1, you could still go see this film and not really be out of the loop. I won’t spoil the original for you in case you go rent it but most of the significant plot elements of the first movie are highlighted again in the first 10 minutes of the sequel.

   So all in all, I would give the movie a 3 Geek-asms on a scale of 5.





3 Responses to National Treasure – Not really a treasure.

  1. klytus7 says:

    Yes unknown dude, I have seen Ghostrider and I do like it and Cage pulls it off, but just barely. As for Eva Mendez she is just eye candy. And I give Ghostrider 3 Geek-asms out of 5. Ohh and Pete rules!!!

  2. worshipcity says:

    Haha! This review is hilarious! I loved National Treasure 1 and thought Cage was great for it. I agree, he’s not great for too much so I’m glad it was so well done: entertaining without glamorized sex or profanity and yet still a quality movie! I am very excited about this new one but I was more excited for I Am Legend and watched it instead this holiday season 🙂
    I did see Ghost Rider btw and I don’t really know if Cage pulls it off, I am a comic book dork and while I didn’t find it completely heretical, all I could do was laugh throughout the entire thing. I find it hilarious: Cages’ leather pants, awful, “witty” dry lines, Mendez’s eye candiness, the whole bit. It was fun though.

  3. I liked Ghost Rider- have not seen National Treasure 2- figure I will pick it up on Blu-Ray. I was a long time coming around to Cage as a leading man. Interesting you should mention Mendes as being a good romantic comedy lead, one of my favorite movies Cage did was The Family Man which was very much a romantic comedy. I have a story about Cage and a certain Christmas eve back in the 80s that I will have to share on my blog one of these days. That sleepy voice is real….and when he is drunk it is even sleepier……

    Anyways- thanks for the review! I still want to catch Sweeney Todd if I can in the theater, gotta love a musical about cannibalism!

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