Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles – She’s Back!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the terminator series has been revived on Fox’s new spring lineup. The Sarah Connor Chronicles is set in thesarah-connor.jpg

Terminator Universe after the events that took place in Terminator 2. Sarah Connor (played by Lena Headey) is determined to protect her son from the ever-growing threat of alien technology that will undoubtedly be sent back to kill him; at the same time they must avoid capture by law enforcement now that they are fugitives.

Now I have to admit, I am a little rusty on my Terminator storyline. If I remember correctly John Connor (Sarah’s son played by Thomas Dekker) is the man who, when he grows up, leads the opposition during the war with the machines. The Terminator in the original movie was sent back to prevent his conception. The Terminator in the second movie was sent to kill John himself to prevent him from growing up. The cards are on the table so to speak. John is now a marked man by the machines and will constantly be fighting for his life. He does however, have a couple of women to help him.

His mother Sarah Connor, is one mean mamma jamma; if you saw Terminator 2 Linda Hamilton gave a fantastic performance of a mother who is locked and loaded and ready to do some butt whoopin’. In addition to hisjohn-friend.jpg butt whoopin’ mom, John Connor is also befriended by Cameron (Summer Glau); in my preliminary reading it appears that Cameron is a machine (not necessarily a Terminator), however, the pilot description kind of indicates that John Connor does not initially know that Cameron is a machine.

I have seen commercial previews for this new series and it looks excellent. I am optimistic that it will be a good blend of action/ Sci-Fi. My biggestjohn-connor.jpg concern…FOX. I don’t know what it is but I have this sick feeling in my gut that FOX might ruin this show. I worry that they will either schedule it opposite a monster of a show like Heroes which will hurt viewer ship and lead to the show getting dropped, or they will make it a T-n-A parade and slowly pull away from the Sci-Fi aspect and just make it a bunch of scantily clad women running around shooting and blowing things up. While many would say the latter has its merits, I am hoping for more out of this new series.

There are 4 main cast members. None of them are superstars, yet, however, they have a mix of television and movie experience. Lena Headey who plays Sarah Connor you might recognize from her role as Queen Gorgo in the box office hit “300”. John Connor is played by Thomas Dekker who recently played Zach, Claire’s friend, in the NBC show Heroes. Summer Glau plays Cameron the machine that helps protect John, I am excited about Summer’s role because of her background. Summer grew up in San Antonio, Tx (hometown plug) and is a proud member of the expanded Buffyverse (more to come on the Buffyverse). She appeared in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off Angel and at that time was introduced to writer/director Joss Whedon who then cast her in his Sci-Fi TV Series Firefly and then feature film Serenity. If you have not seen all of these works, do it now. Joss Whedon is fantastic and his work is top notch and wildly entertaining. Lastly, Richard Jones plays FBI agent James Ellison. I recognized Richard Jones from his role on Judging Amy (no comment). However, he has a long list of great film and television roles and is sure to be a great addition to the show.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premiere airs in two parts on January 13th, 7:00pm, CST and 14th 8:00pm CST. I highly advise everyone to go check out the website. It is very nicely done and a fun read in preparation for the show.

If you were a big fan of the Terminator movies, I would really like to hear your feedback on what you think about this new series, maybe even what you hope to see in some of the episodes.


9 Responses to Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles – She’s Back!

  1. klytus7 says:

    I want scantily clad women running around and shooting stuff, and at least it’s not FOX news and their slant. San Antonio, how many people live their, like 20,000 or something.J/K. End of line.

  2. Oz says:

    I agree to a point. Scantily clad women blowing things up is ALWAYS a plus in my book. But I do like for there to actually be some content in my content.

    Great blog. Consider me subscribed!!

  3. Oz says:

    One more thing. I ❤ the konami code in your blog description. You, sir, are speaking my language.

  4. bc3263827 says:

    Correction – San Antonio Population 19,999 Summer Glau left to do the SCC series in LA. One thing that this series has going for it being owned by Fox is American Idol. Let me explain, it seems like every other network grabs one of their top 2 new shows and throws it up against American Idol in the schedule to try and topple the ratings black hole that is American Idol. These shows always fail. I don’t know why other channels even have programming opposite American Idol, seems like such a waste. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying A.I. is premiere programming but I have to admit, even I find watching the train wreck that is “Sanjaya”.

    Welcome to Innergeekdom, sit down, put your feet up and enjoy the ride. You are home. You will find that Klytus here rarely knows what the hell he is talking about, heh, hope you enjoy this site and look forward to your participation.

  5. klytus7 says:

    If my robot body could cry, I would be crying right now. End of line.

  6. worshipcity says:

    Big Terminator fan here and I’m really anticipating this series. I think it could be great and yet it could be just dreadful for all the reasons you’ve mentioned here. Another thing the movies had were insane special effects. Not sure how much a TV series on Fox is going to get so I’d rather them not even try than do a cheesy mock version of it. Here’s to crossing my fingers for a great series! TiVo is set on the season pass for The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

  7. Great write up on the show- am so looking forward to it!

  8. DHonour says:

    Great stuff!
    I am really enjoying the show.
    My friends and I have started a silly blog.
    Check it out!


    Later man!

    and regarding your awesome blog
    “I’ll be back!!”

  9. FiveOh says:

    Love the show, but had to point out a small problem with the second pic down. She looks great and I love the glock, but she is holding it with the trigger pulled all the way in. Small glitch with the pic. Glocks trigger is reset each time the slide goes back/forth. If you pull the trigger when the gun is empty, it will stay in the back position until the slide is racked.

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