Where do we go from here?

My gosh, it has been far too long my fellow geeks. I wish that I had some unbelievably good reason why I have not been blogging. Truth be told I have been busy. (Define: Busy) – four letter word that does not nearly describe how crazy life has been over the last 6 months. I will not bore you with the personal details, quite frankly you probably don’t care. That’s not why you are here, all 6 of you that read this blog.

I am back however, and I have so much to talk about, just as a teaser let me throw out a few of the topics swirling in my head that are waiting to come out.

Things to talk about…

Movies I have seen recently: Ironman, Batman – Dark Knight

Television recap, shows over the summer and what to look for in the fall.

The olympics

Comic Cartoons my son and I are loving.


Finally, there are two topics that I have tried to steer clear of for a few reasons. First, I am a total fanboy of the following: Star Wars, the Whedonverse specifically Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have avoided blogging about them because I didn’t know where to start. Well, I know where to start now, so be prepared for a constant stream of Star Wars from the movies to the EU and for Buffy Fans (Title of post is a nod to “Once More With Feeling”) I will be talking about the shows and the comics.

You never know what other mindless dribble will be spilling out over this keyboard so stay tuned and again sorry I was gone for so long.


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