Dane Cook, your next man crush.

Dane Cook, if you don’t know who he is already then you must be living under a rock. He is a great comedian who over the last couple of years has made the jump from stand-up comedy to leading man in the motion picture industry. (Employee of the Month, Dan in Real Life, Good Luck Chuck) Let’s run this down real quick, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson… can this guy pick a script or what!

While his comedy is what originally made me a fan, I have never been disappointed in his movie ventures. No matter what context Dane Cook is always wildly funny and entertaining.

If you are one of those who likes to sample before you buy, then head on over to iTunes and check out the DaneCast. The DaneCast is a collection of Dane-bursts… sometimes only 10 minutes long, it won’t take him 2 minutes to have you laughing out loud.

I also encourage you to head on over to his website www.danecook.com, here you can check out the latest news and here snippets, I like the word snippets, of his comedy albums.

I must warn you, this comedy is not for the faint of heart, there is language and sexual content all over the place. If you are brave enough to listen to Dane Cook tell it like it is, tell you the sometimes uncomfortable, but always funny truth, then Su-Fi and take a listen. One final warning!! Do not, listen to Dane Cook’s comedy while enjoying any kind of beverage, not unless you want to spend the rest of your day walking around with a greenish brown stain on your shirt, a mixture of snot and carbonated goodness that came rocketing out of your nose. Just remember I warned you guys.

Trust me people if you find everyday life full of irony and humor Dane Cook is one of the best comics I have heard that can make you laugh at yourself just as much as you are laughing at him.

Start lining up September 19th for Dane’s new movie with Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs and Alec Baldwin called “My Best Friend’s Girl”.


8 Responses to Dane Cook, your next man crush.

  1. girl says:

    Dane cook is great.
    I saw him on comedy central.
    And I laughed the shit out of myself:P

  2. gabriel perez says:

    i love you

  3. Promise says:

    man i love dane cook
    he is the shit man!!
    he make me laugh tell my sidez hurt like there going to burst..!
    and i cant wait for may 17th!!
    i listned to all his cdz!
    he is truly amazing.
    ilove dane cook

  4. Abbey:) says:

    i am going to marry dane cook
    just so we all know….

  5. Craig says:

    What kind of shirt is he wearing in that picture?…I want it

  6. Tom says:

    I check out a couple of his videos. He is not
    a clever comic with insights. Over half of his
    humor is just using the F-word. This guy is not
    very funny at all. He is animated onstage but
    the material, is weak and ,well, mean-spirited.
    Sad that people mistake this low quality performer
    for a real talent. Sorry, if this offends.

  7. Sean says:

    Watching paint dry is funnier than dane cook literally

  8. Matthew says:

    He has two types of jokes:

    A) Can at best be considered “inspired” by other comedians’ jokes.
    B) Is little more then him prancing around stage saying something not even slightly funny, but doing so with a silly voice.

    People then some how laugh at both of these and proclaim him a comic genious.

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