Whedon’s Dollhouse Sends Expectations Through the Roof

While working on my post for the Fall Season TV shows, I did some surface research on Dollhouse, the new Joss Whedon show airing on Fox beginning in January. I decided to do a little more research and see if I could come up with more info to give you a better picture of what this show will be about. What I found was even more exciting than I had anticipated.

From what I can tell, the Dollhouse is an organization that houses and controls “Actives”. Actives are people, humans, who can be hired to perform any task. You provide the task and the Dollhouse provides the Active with the necessary programming (Matrix style training) to perform the task.

Topher: “Hello Echo.”

Echo: “Did I fall asleep?”

Topher: “For a little while.”

From being a deadly assassin to the ultimate call-girl who has been programmed to truly be deeply “in-love” with you. After each job, the Active has their memory wiped and their personality completely erased, essentially cleaning the slate from the previous job. Not only do the Actives no longer know anything about themselves or their past jobs, they have no memory of the other Actives, or do they?

I did find an un-official site, which after a little digging, also had a trailer. The trailer is must see, not very spoilerific, just gives you a little taste of the pace of the show. Joss Whedon has a tendency to be pretty upfront with trailers and promos, I venture to say that what you see in this trailer is a pretty good portrayal of the show’s concept.

Side note: I had audio issues when trying to view the trailer in a Firefox browser, but IE worked just fine.

The trailer is narrated for the most part by Adelle DeWitt, played by Olivia Williams. She appears to be the head honcho of some sort, whether that makes her a Dr. or scientist, I am not sure. It is her opinion that because of the nature of the Active’s job, they are “the truest soul among us” I am assuming because they have no corruption of experience, influence or motive, they simply are who they are at their core.

There are 3 Actives featured in the trailer:

Echo – Eliza Dushku

Sierra – Dichen Lachman

Victor – Enver Gjokaj

My dad was a HAM radio operator so I instantly recognized that these names are the references to letters of the alphabet. When communicating over a radio, sometimes it is difficult to enunciate letters clearly enough for people to clearly understand what you are saying. They use these references to avoid mix-ups… E-Echo, S-Sierra, V-Victor. I wonder if that means that there are 26 Actives total? Perhaps different episodes will feature interactions with some of the other Actives.

We also see in the trailer that there is an FBI agent investigating the existence of the Dollhouse and its Actives. The Dollhouse to this point is just an urban myth, secret society type of organization. This FBI agent is looking to expose them, probably because he has strong issues of morality with what the organization is doing.

All in all, the show looks extremely promising, as I come across more information I will post it here, in the meantime we may just have to wait until January. If you have any news or information about the show, please drop me a line at InnerGeekdomMail@gmail.com.

Geek Out.


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