Monsters vs. Aliens

200px-monsters-vs-aliens-posterI took my two boys to see Aliens vs. Monsters this weekend or was it Monsters vs. Aliens? Can’t remember. It was a great movie, some of the highlights, Reese Witherspoon is a talented voice actor, very nice performance. While I didn’t see it in a 3-D theatre I would recommend it, there are some really great 3-D opportunities there. I think the story was pretty entertaining and it is wrapped up in a nice little 90 minute package.

This didn’t rival some of the greats, for example, Incredibles, Toy Story, etc. But it is fun for the whole family.

Side note: my wife and I don’t let our kids drink sodas, they are little. However, the concession stand had nothing but caffinated beverages available. Watching my youngest son guzzle down his first Coke and vibrate through the rest of the movie was entertainment enough for me.

Word of caution to parents… if your kids are going to this movie to see Monsters or Aliens, it takes a good 15 minutes to get to that point in the story. So if they are like my older son who 5 minutes into the movie wanted to go home because there were no monsters or aliens. Tell them to be patient and the payoff will be worth it.

Rating 3.5 Geek Outs


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