NBC: Chuck vs. the Colonel

Chuck vs the Colonel aired last night on NBC. I have mixed feelings about last nights episode.  As a stand alone episode, it was classic Chuck, funny, exciting, leaves you wanting more.

*here is the all important spoiler alert*

I am saddened because I can see the build up to a finale that could serve one of two purposes, season finale, series finale. Unfortunately, it looks like the writers are setting themselves up to possibly end the series with next week’s episode.

This show is, for me, one of the greatest concepts out there right now. Take a geek (me) and make him a spy (also me). He isn’t a super-spy, he is more like the clumsy-spy. Not intentionally dashing into the fray, he often finds himself doing heroic things against his own better judgement. Chuck doesn’t think he can save the world, he just wants to keep him and his loved ones safe and he is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

Chuck and Sarah… I think most of us from the beginning of the series were rooting for Chuch and Sarah to get together, Shuck shippers as I affectionately call them. In season one I pleaded with my television not to let that happen. For those of you old enough to remember Moonlighting, I thought the dynamic of the show dropped when the pair actually got together. Back to Shuck, I thought they did a great job of teasing the relationship in season 1. Season 2 was a little different, I thought there was too much back and forth, “I love you Sarah, someday I won’t be the Intersect and we can be together.” “Sarah, this will never work, I need something real in my life.” Week to week Chuck was back and forth over Sarah. Now Shuckers are happy because in this weeks episode the two finally seem to solidify what we have been anticipating since the beginning and I find myself disappointed.

I say disappointed because I am afraid this is part of the writer’s plan to leave the audience with some sense of satisfaction and closure should this turn out to be the series finale. There are so many directions that this concept could be taken that would make the series “Awesome.” None of those necessarily include a Shuck relationship.

Now that Captain Awesome knows Chuck’s secret that could be a very comical triangle with Elle. I think there are numerous scenarios where Chuck would voluntarily take the intersect back to save insert name here. Make Chuck a full on spy, make Morgan somehow become a government asset that the team has to protect without Morgan even knowing it. There are a number of ways the show can go. I just hate to see Shuck showing up so early in what I was hoping would be a series around for another 3 years at least.

Such is the new media age. With ratings being crucial and the internet buzz touting the success and failures of shows on a daily basis (myself included), it seems that networks want to get the hit and ride the wave for 2-3 years and then cash out and move on.

I for one am hoping that Chuck is renewed and that NBC sees the potential in the show, long term. As for Shuck, I have a feeling they have something special in store for those two in the series finale. My DVR cutoff before the scenes from next week finished but I know that I saw Bryce Larkin’s face. That usually means trouble for Shuck.

It’s the Leigha slave outfit, I had to use this picture!


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