NBC: Chuck vs. the Colonel

April 21, 2009

Chuck vs the Colonel aired last night on NBC. I have mixed feelings about last nights episode.  As a stand alone episode, it was classic Chuck, funny, exciting, leaves you wanting more.

*here is the all important spoiler alert* Read the rest of this entry »


Chuck – Chuck and Sarah’s Last Kiss?

November 20, 2007

Chuck Vs.  The Imported Hard Salami aired 11/19/07in the U.S. on NBC
  Chuck and Sarah kissed. How can I start off with any other statement, oh nup_108633_0378.jpgwait, Bryce is ALIVE! Well if you have been reading my blog I predicted both of those things so class let’s continue with the rest of this weeks episode. Read the rest of this entry »

Chuck – Rachel Bilson and Sandwiches!

November 15, 2007

Chuck vs The Truth – 11/12/07 NBC
Doesn’t it always seem that when you aren’t available that the members of the opposite sex come crawling out of the woodwork showing interest in you; poor Chuck and Lou. Chuck, this week, is finding it hard to adjust to life as a spy. This is understandable learning to adjust to being a spy is a little bit different than trying to adjust to a new pair of glasses or having to wear a tie to work everyday. What’s making things the most difficult is all the lies and secrets. Chuck makes a comment on this early in the episode as he watches a nuclear scientist collapse in front of him and gets rushed to the hospital with his sister at the man’s side. Chuck tells Sarah something to the effect of “I am getting too comfortable with this.” Read the rest of this entry »