Iron Man – Best Comic Book Movie of the Summer!

August 23, 2008

If you have not seen the movie Iron Man yet, stop reading this blog, rush to the theater and buy a ticket. This comic based movie is my favorite film adaptation of a comic by far. For no other reason than the sheer enjoyment you will experience when watching it.

Iron Man does a fairly decent job of staying true to the comic; however, it is obvious that they didn’t get overly caught up in making sure that they didn’t contradict the entire minutia found in the piles of issues of the comic over the years. There were some classic nods, for example the gang at the beginning of the film is the Ten Rings which is a reference to the Mandarin. Then if you stay after the credits there is a nice bonus scene.

I have been a Robert Downey Jr. fan for a very long time. This movie proved me absolutely right. After seeing his performance I am convinced that they could not have cast this part any better. I am also positive that this movie/ franchise, is going to revive Downey’s career much the same way that Pulp Fiction revived the career of John Travolta. I think over the next 5-7 years we are going to see Downey become quite the leading man. Depending on what scripts he chooses he could easily turn his career into a string of romantic comedies or maybe even action films other than Iron Man. The truth is I don’t think that either one of those scenarios will pan out. Throughout the course of his career he typically has chosen to do the more interesting roles often associated with movies not made on a huge summer blockbuster budget.

Please do yourself a favor and go rent the movie Chaplin, then go rent the movie Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, and when your done, come back and I will give you a list of other Downey movies to rent. You will thank me for it.

Gwyneth Paltrow, what can you say about Gwyneth Paltrow? She is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women on the big screen. She is a talented actress and pulls of her role effortlessly. I was very pleased with her portrayal of a strong confident independent woman to go along side Tony Stark. Often times the female role ends up being the Damsel in distress which I felt was not at all the case in this movie.

Jeff Bridges does a phenomenal job, an hour into the film, I still hadn’t quite figured his character out. As the story unfolds I couldn’t help but nod and say this makes sense this is what we needed to see (Intentionally vague to avoid spoilers).

Terrance Howard, all I knew about Terrance Howard was that at one time he was in a movie called Hustle and Flow. Never saw the movie, not my genre but I was not to enthusiastic about him being in the film. I was pleasantly surprised. Terrance held his own with Downey when the two of them were sharing the screen and it really got me excited for what is to come in Iron Man 2… hint, it is eluded to at one point in the film what Howard’s role is ultimately going to be. Those of you who follow the comics already know what I am talking about.

I am not even going to try and talk about the plot, I don’t want you to be lazy and just read my post, I want you to get up and go see the movie… Geek Out.